HMM Bach by Moray Allan, Chris Williams, Daniel Winterstein and Joe Ruddy
Welcome to HMM Bach. This demo shows how a computer can actually create music. HMM Bach uses A.I. techniques to learn from existing music, then produce harmonisations to new music.

Play examples created by HMM Bach and compare them with the real thing.
Compose your own tune, then have the computer create Bach-style harmonies for it.

Requirements: This demo requires Java (version 1.4+), a modern browser (use Mozilla Mozilla Firefox for best results, although Internet Explorer version 6+ will work), and suitable Midi-player software (e.g. Windows Media Player or Timidity for Linux). If you have problems running this demo, please try this alternative simpler version of demo #1.

Original research done at ANC by Moray Allan and Chris Williams.
Demo programming by Daniel Winterstein with additional graphics by Joe Ruddy.
There is a portable - and somewhat better - Linux-based version suitable for open-days, etc. Contact Diana Sisu for details.

For technical information on HMM Bach, please see this paper (to be published in Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 2005). For press releases and publicity queries, please contact Diana Sisu.